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Why Wickedbodz Fitness Challenge

Learn the everything you need to know about losing that stubborn belly fat and trimming the waistline. What you should be eating and how you should be training for your body type.
Get a detailed daily meal plan to get you started with your nutrition. You can't out train a bad diet. Learn from the best trainers on what is best to eat to meet your goals.
State of the art heart rate monitors to track your performance and intensity while you train. Know exactly how hard your training against yourself and others in the challenge.
Group classes to suit everyone from group boxing and muay thai, to high intensity interval training classes, muscle building and toning and hybrid classes to really test you.
High tech body fat analysis scans and fitness testing to benchmark your fitness as you progress through the challenge. Know exactly how you are going and what you need to adjust to reach your goals.
Exclusive Wickedbodz tank top or tshirt.

Past Transformations

What Are People Saying


I’ve never achieved these type of results before. I’ve done gymnastics and martial arts for decades but always held on to belly fat. Training with Wickedbodz for 3 months transformed my body, energy and training like never before. Totally recommend Mark and James as trainers to take you through your weight loss and fitness journey.


Awesome trainers who really care about ensuring you reach your goals. They give you all the tools and guidance you need. Great group training sessions with a close knit, community atmosphere.


Wickedbodz is less of a gym more of a community. With great friendly members and trainers. Personal trainers James & Mark are absolute legends who genuinely care about you and your results. I could not recommend them and any higher. 10 out 5


Cannot recommend Wickedbodz Health and Fitness enough – modern, clean and most importantly friendly gym environment with a great schedule of group classes right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Mark and James really care about their clients and have established a community of active like minded fitness enthusiasts that manage to have a little fun along the way. With a wealth of experience and their finger firmly on the pulse of advancements within the sector, I would encourage you to experience it for yourself.